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Dedicated instruments for yeast viability testing and fermentation cell analysis

Bacteria and eukaryotic microorganisms play an important role in human pathogens, biotechnological "reactors" in protein, food and beverage production and many other fields. From an evolutionary point of view, the microbes show a large degree of biodiversity, commonly being unified by the feature of their small size.

The utilization of microorganisms for food production has been part of the cultural evolution of humans for centuries. Although the same organisms are still employed for fermentation processes on a large scale nowadays, the food and beverage production is a highly engineered industrial process. Large fermenters require constant monitoring to prevent a break-down directly coupled to loss of money and time.

Beer, wine and whisky production are based upon the fermentation of sugar by the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae for alcohol production. Sysmex Partec offers dedicated instruments and reagent kits to monitor yeast growth parameters, detect contamination and spoiling organisms.

Quality control of food products is an issue with growing importance. Partec provides valuable support because virtually any cellular contamination can be detected on our flow cytometers. Protocols for general detection of any contaminant or individual species detection based on DNA specific probes are available.

Yeast in brewery, distillery, wine production and food industries

Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker´s yeast) the most popular microorganism used in food and beverage production. Controlling the cell growth status requires both, long experience and the right technical equipment. For the latter we provide the dedicated instruments for monitoring cell density, viability, contaminants and other growth parameters in order to prevent dramatic fermentation crashes.  Due to its modular optical design, almost every fluorescence based detection reagent can be analysed on Sysmex Partec flow cytometry instruments.

The Trehalose content of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is commonly believed to confer stress tolerance to growing yeast cells and enables the cells to survive the stages of anhydrobiosis. Commercially applied strains of baker´s yeast for fermentation purposes normally contain more than 10% Trehalose of the dry weight. The Trehalose content varies significantly depending on the nutrition content and growth rate and is an important indicator for cellular physiology. With Sysmex Partec FCM units and staining kits, the level of Trehalose content can easily be determined.


  • Fermentation Process Control
  • Yeast viability/cell cycle/vitality and stress monitoring
  • Quality Assurance in the Beverage Industry
  • Quality Assurance in Food Industry
  • Bioprocessing

Organisations that benefit from using Sysmex Partec Products

  • Breweries
  • Whisky distilleries
  • Yeast producers
  • Bread industry/large plant bakers
  • Wine producers
  • Universities
  • Biomedical research

Analysis of microorganisms

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