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The CyFlow Space is a high performance multi-laser flow cytometer system which offers the most flexible, simple and reliable features for routine and research work.

It´s a compact multi-colour instrument for analysis of individual cells and microscopic particles in suspension. The advanced flow cytometry technology of the CyFlow Space covers a wide range of different applications.

Fluorescence excitation by 1 to 5 light sources covering a range from ultra-violet to red excitation lines. Analysis of up to 13 fluorescence parameters and 3 physical light scattering parameters from near UV to infra-red light. Analysis of cell and particle concentration by True Absolute Volumetric Counting (TVAC). Cell sorting by an optional cell and particle sorter. Fixed standard configurations and flexible customized configurations tailored for the user´s requirement. Walk-away automation by sample auto-loading from 96- and 384-well plates.

Optional: CyFlow Space Autoloading Station

Optional: CyFlow Space Sorter Module 

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